Sureno Gang Case Dismissed After Hard-Core Defense Maneuvering

In Contra Costa as well as many other jurisdictions, Latino young men are targeted as criminals.  Qiana has fought hard to champion their cause so they can take care of their families and work as productive members of society while moving away from prior associations that have held them back.  Qiana and her team demanded a speedy preliminary hearing.  This forced the prosecution to pull their case together quickly during prime summer vacation time.  Qiana thoroughly litigated all aspects of the case which took several days.  A key issue was gang membership.  To prove this, the prosecution needed to provide a properly qualified expert.  Qiana aggressively challenged the witness’s qualifications for so long that the witness’s family vacation was in jeopardy. The prosecution requested a continuance and often defense attorneys simply agree to be “nice.” Qiana sees her job as unabashedly defending her client’s rights so she objected to continuance.  The judge agreed with Qiana’s position and rejected the continuance.  The prosecution then relented and dismissed the case.  Another battle won!  Click here to read about other exciting victories. 

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