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  • Life sexual assault case dismissed on eve of trial


  • Dismissal of first degree burglary after hung jury


  • Failure to register dismissed upon motion from the defense


  • 80-count child pornography case dismissed after successful motion to suppress evidence


  • Acquittal of sexual assault charges


  • Dismissal of possession for sale of narcotics carrying mandatory prison term upon motion from the defense


  • Third DUI dismissed on the eve of trial with an accident (client started out with one DUI and two pending. The first was stricken as unconstitutional, the second was dismissed when we found a witness who could show the client was not driving, and client resolved his case for one DUI)


  • Dismissal of theft charges at preliminary hearing


  • Acquittal of assault with force likely to cause great bodily injury, criminal threats, dissuading a witness, and dismissal after hung jury of pimping and pandering charges

  • Acquittal of attempted murder, kidnapping, assault with gun, felon in possession of a gun, assault with force likely to cause great bodily injury


  • Dismissal of multiple count rape case pre-preliminary hearing


  • Hung jury on simple possession of methamphetamine


  • Hung jury and ultimate dismissal of simple possession of cocaine base


  • Hung jury of second DUI with .17 blood test result and accident that ultimately resolved for dry reckless


  • Dismissal of .30 DUI


  • Prostitution case dismissed when defense moved to secure DNA sample from undercover cop who got his happy ending


  • Prostitution client acquitted in two separate cases and third dismissed


  • Stabbing case dismissed after hung jury


  • Criminal/terrorist threats case dismissed at trial


  • Marijuana DUI dismissed at trial



  • Acquittal of assault on a peace officer/resisting arrest


  • Acquittal of man accused of child abuse for spanking his stepdaughter with a belt and leaving marks


  • Acquittal of woman charged with hit and run when judge determined prior to giving the case to the jury that the state failed to prove their case


  • Acquittal of man charged with hit and run in 15 minutes when trial held mostly in his absence


  • Acquittal of man accused of elder abuse against his mother


  • DUI and resisting arrest charge against nursing student resolved for dry reckless


  • Assault with a car, felony driving under the influence with injury resolved for misdemeanor DUI with no injuries


  • Acquittal for allegedly kicking a stranger's car


  • Pimping and pandering case dismissed at preliminary hearing when evidence suppressed


                                     And many more . . .

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