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Spanish Speaking Lawyer
Attorney for Doctors
Celebrity Attorney Oakland



"Her name should be Qiana Cochran because that's how good she is. With her on my side, I know everything is going to be fine."

    ~Satisfied client



"I knew [Qiana] would beat my case. Everyone told me she's a true fighter. I'd be in prison right now if it weren't for [her]."                  

    ~Satisfied client


"Without the strategic defense of Qiana, the deception of three police officers and conspiracy of the district attorney’s office could have placed my innocent son behind prison bars for 18 years or more. We thank God for having the above and beyond representation of the best on our side."    

     ~A thankful mother

"Qiana Washington! She makes us look like idiots."

    ~SFPD officer


"If I were in trouble, I would want Qiana to represent me." 

    ~Assistant District Attorney


"Qiana Washington is one of the best attorneys in the county. You are lucky to have her."

    ~Superior Court Judge

"Qiana doesn't give up until she beats your case."

    ~Satisfied client


"Without her, 20 years as a nurse would have been down the drain. Qiana won my case and gave me a second chance."

    ~Satisfied client


"Qiana is unstoppable! An all-star, top rate attorney."

    ~Assistant District Attorney

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