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High Profile Gang Case Dismissed with Harsh Words from Qiana to Prosecutor

The Contra Costa District Attorney’s Office, the Concord Police Department, and the FBI spent a great number of tax payer dollars with the goal of bringing down a bunch of young Latinos they made look like monsters.  Well, Qiana knew better.  Her client, for sure, is not a monster and she was not going to let law enforcement demonize him.  She fought hard, jammed the prosecutor up and would not give up or give in.  After the court underestimated her, Qiana and her team came back hard with a writ (pre-trial appeal) the very next court day.  In the midst of the preliminary hearing, like something from television, the court clerk stormed in and handed a document to the judge.  The judge stormed down the hall to talk to another judge.  When she returned, she announced the case was dismissed.  In true drama fashion, a couple of hours later, the prosecutor re-filed the charges and wanted the client held.  Qiana cited a penal code section that required her client to be released.  The judge refused to comply so the very next court day, Qiana and her team filed yet another writ and won!  Her client was released at last.  Qiana was characteristically bold when she told the media the prosecution’s handling of the case was “shameful.” Click here to read East Bay Times Article.  Click here to read about other exciting victories.

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