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Domestic Violence Case Dismissed in San Mateo County (with prosecutor apology)!

San Mateo is county where prosecutors play hardball and a lot of defense attorneys who regularly practice there plead the majority of their clients guilty.  Qiana does not blink in the face of a tough case or a tough county.  This domestic violence case alleged the client terrified the complainant while she locked herself in the bathroom.  The judge took the prosecutor’s side and tried to convince her she should plead her client guilty.  Nonetheless, she stood strong.  She showed she was prepared and told the district attorney things he did not know about his witness including that she had once admitted to falsely accusing a man of child molestation to avoid being arrested herself.  The prosecutor responded by amending the complaint to allege more charges.  Even though the new charges created challenges and potential obstacles, Qiana persisted.  Ultimately, the prosecutor threw in the towel when he saw Qiana would not give up.  Before leaving the courtroom, the prosecutor shook Qiana’s hand and apologized.  Prosecutor apologies are often jokes in the legal community.  It is often said, “I’ll take a dismissal and I won’t even demand an apology.”  While prosecutors sometimes dismiss cases, they seldom apologize but this time Qiana got a dismissal and an apology!  Nice.  Click here to read about other exciting victories.

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