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"Qiana Washington! She makes us look like idiots!"

                                             ~SFPD Officer

"Qiana Washington is one of the best attorneys in the county. You are lucky to have her."

                                 ~Superior Court Judge

"If I were in trouble, I'd want Qiana to represent me."

                          ~Assistant District Attorney

"Her name should be Qiana Cochran because that's how good she is. With her on my side, I know everything is going to be fine."

                                           ~Satisfied Client

  • Life sexual assault case dismissed on eve of trial


  • Dismissal of .30 DUI


  • Acquittal of sexual assault charges


  • Acquittal of attempted murder, kidnapping, assault with a gun, felon in possession of a gun, assault with force likely to cause great bodily injury


  • Dismissal of multiple count rape case pre-preliminary hearing


  • Hung jury of second DUI with .17 blood test result and accident that ultimately resolved for dry reckless

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Walnut Creek, CA 94596
Tel: 925-278-1791
Fax: 925-287-6431
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  • Drug Sales & Trafficking  
  • Homicide  
  • DUI  
  • Sexual Assault  
  • Theft, Fraud & Embezzlement   
  • Assault, Battery & Domestic Violence
  • Juvenile Delinquency   
  • Writs & Appeals  
  • Civil Rights Litigation
  • and more . . .

Valient Law Firm is a criminal defense and plaintiff's civil rights law firm based in the San Francisco Bay Area devoted to justice and equality for all. Our goal is to win your case. The more difficult the case, the more we shift into overdrive. We have won cases caught on video, with confessions or admissions, with multiple independent witnesses, and even cases where our clients were undeniably caught with contraband and seemed to have no way out. We leave no stone left unturned and present your case in the most compelling and professional light to rescue you from whatever predicament you happen to find yourself in. When your life, your livelihood, or your money are on the line, we come in strong to give you the fighting chance you deserve. We will not back down and leave you defenseless.

San Francisco Criminal Defense Lawyer

Get the Best on Your Side!

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